Worship the Love of a Women

Hope all had a good weekend and have lots of story’s to tell. I have a only one story that is on my mind since Friday after I read it. One of the blogs I was reading from a wonderful person hit me like a ton of bricks. It was not so much the over all  idea but the way it was presented and written. I would make mention of who it is but want to show respect. As I read her blog I understood every detail as if I was watching her in my mind and could feel what she felt. As I re-read it multiple times I gathered the sense that some women are much deeper then men give them credit for. The reason I say worship the love of a women is because they are the mothers of life. They have a deeper sense of the word Love.

In days gone past women where worshiped for there unworldly abilities to provide guidance,love and understanding. Unfortunately the stronger women have become the more threatened man has become. This is not my theory it has been proven.

I read the inner beauty of a women on that Friday and it confirmed to me that there still are women out there who understand the deepness of the word love and what impact men have on there emotions. If you find a cold bitter manipulative women chances are it was a man who drove a knife into there soul.

I tip my hat to you..”R.J..”


Love…or in Love ?


(I will be joining the protest tomorrow morning until the 24th..the Government is trying to shut down freedom of speech and the freedoms of bloggers and websites. http://www.cbronline.com/news/google-and-wordpress-protest-anti-piracy-measures-in-us-congress-180112

Join the protest or all your work could be gone.. enough is enough 

I have asked myself this question a thousand times (OK once).  I have meet some people who still love there ex’s but then say “yeah but we are not in love”. I understand caring for another person but using the word love to describe how they feel about them..yeah don’t get that. I think this word used to be very strong but has been over used to the point it took on another meaning. You really have to do some thinking when you ask yourself this..”am I in love ?” …or “do I like him or her very much ? “.

Ask yourself this:

1. Do they fill my emotional needs

2. Do they want to see me sucseed

3. Do they still go out of there way to please me

4. Do they still appreciate what I do

5. Are they living for us or for themselves

6. Can they walk in the room and feel you (your energy)

7. do you still kiss (with emotion not lust)

8. do you still look in each others eyes

9. are we a team working on life’s problems

10. do you still sit on the couch together

If the answer is yes to 75% then you are In Love. If your only about 30% of this list talk to your partner and work on them. You can loose that energy if you let the simple things pass you buy. You can’t fix everything all the time and some things are just not meant to be but if deep down in your core of life you both still have the same feelings,don’t let them die or let life get in the way of your happiness.

“Giving All your Secrets Away”

I heard a song today and for a long time could not for the life of me get out of my head. But, tonight it made perfect sense. There becomes a point in a relationship when things turn serious.  After thinking about it, at what point is it? I am sure it is at different points for each of you. When you have connected on levels you never though humanly possible…take a step back and ask your self..“Am I ready to give all my secretes away”… At this point there is no going back…your looking into there eyes and taking a leap of faith. You have to remember one thing, no matter how big or small a secrete is they all come out eventually. Imagine if you where able to just tell all and everything you thought was a secret turned out to not be so….big? You would have wasted all that time worrying and avoiding certain situations. If you have found someone that you can look into there eye’s and give all your secretes away,you most certainly have found Love and it is up to you to keep it.

Dating Educate for Men

Once upon a time there was this thing called being a Gentlemen. These days with independent strong women, some men find themselves forgetting the simple things that Gentlemen did to show respect to there date. Women still love this even if they say they don’t. If your out on a date for the first time or even your 100th time be the man, be the Gentlemen.  Sure, there is your normal things you do like opening the door, complimenting on there looks and what you see on TV. But there are so many things you can do to show you are a Gentleman.

For instance:

  • Plan the date (all of it) but keep her interest at heart.
  • Call 10 min. before you arrive to pick her up
  • Bring her one flower (not everything in the store)
  • Waite for her to say “ok, I’m ready to go”
  • Tell her she looks wonderful but look in her eyes when you do this.
  • Always let the women lead never step in front of her.
  • Let her talk and feel comfortable

Try to think outside of the box on a date. Don’t act like a robot, women can see right through this. You will get an A for effort but the date will end sooner then you think. My point is don’t try so hard you look like a stumbling fool. Let the date flow but always think ahead to make her feel comfortable.


Dating more then one person??

Society is for ever changing,this is what we do. I have been reading some blogs

and speaking to a few people and there is a new (new to me) trend. Let me ask you something…what is up with dating more then one person at a time? I don’t quite fallow this. Since when was it OK to kiss another person while seeing someone else? Forget the physical  aspects of it think of the mental aspects. Dating is not and should not be construed as a competition. If you are someone who dates more then one man or woman at a time you may have lost a very good relationship because of this. Before physically dating someone show some respect and get to know them well before you meet. Your wasting there time and yours and mentally playing with there emotions for no other reason but for self gain. There is nothing against talking to someone on chat or email but when it becomes real take the decision and be responsible and let them know you are committed to dating one person and that you have chosen them. If it doesn’t work out then move on and take what you have learned with you.

Intimacy in your Relationship

Lets face it,men want volume and women want quality. The never ending bedroom brawl as I call it. There are about a million things you can do in a relationship to balance this out for both of you. Just like everything else in a relationship it takes time to learn what each expects. I think Sigmund Freud said  that everything revolves around sex. To a point he is correct. To begin with sex starts in the mind. The playful conversation or that romantic dinner,whatever has sparked the mood is the beginning of mental foreplay. One Technic I have learned is that the more you have mental foreplay the more healthy the sex. Most guys are bing bang boom! where as the women is more aroused with the mental foreplay and likes to build her emotions to boiling points. Touching a women’s neck or playing with her hair in combination with the romantic dinner will stimulate quality sex,not your bing bang boom.

You have to remember:

1. Lust fades

2. Fire’s lose flames

3. Energy fades

4. Time passes

All these things happen every day. It is up to you to keep the fire burning,the attraction flowing, and the want and desire to please your partner. There are many parts to a relationship and the bedroom is one of the most important tools you can use to keep you in a happy and healthy relationship. Learn how to use it with your partner.

Standing the test of time…

Serendipity Dating Cafe wanted to take some time to give thanks to the ones who have made it. For the ones who have stood the test of time and who have made it through good times and bad times. Times have changed and so has the standards for relationships. The world has become so fast and free, temptation is always looking at you from the other side of the fence. For the ones who trusted in there partners and kept there head and heart in there relationship they deserve nothing but respect. Not only for there knowledge of life but also there ability to stand the test of time.

A word of advice, if your in a relationship live for that relationship. If your not in a relationship do not settle for anything less then someone who understands the tests of time and works with you not against you.