Worship the Love of a Women

Hope all had a good weekend and have lots of story’s to tell. I have a only one story that is on my mind since Friday after I read it. One of the blogs I was reading from a wonderful person hit me like a ton of bricks. It was not so much the over all  idea but the way it was presented and written. I would make mention of who it is but want to show respect. As I read her blog I understood every detail as if I was watching her in my mind and could feel what she felt. As I re-read it multiple times I gathered the sense that some women are much deeper then men give them credit for. The reason I say worship the love of a women is because they are the mothers of life. They have a deeper sense of the word Love.

In days gone past women where worshiped for there unworldly abilities to provide guidance,love and understanding. Unfortunately the stronger women have become the more threatened man has become. This is not my theory it has been proven.

I read the inner beauty of a women on that Friday and it confirmed to me that there still are women out there who understand the deepness of the word love and what impact men have on there emotions. If you find a cold bitter manipulative women chances are it was a man who drove a knife into there soul.

I tip my hat to you..”R.J..”




I received this Award from http://ranujanu.wordpress.com and it made my day (shhh it’s the little things that get me going)

The Rules are:
Thank the award giver and link back to them in your post.
Share 7 things about yourself.
Pass this award along to 15 recently discovered blogs you enjoy reading.
Contact your bloggers to let them know about the award.


Now, 7 things about myself ?….lol hmmm

1. I love to travel and find new secrets in life

2. I never stop learning about people

3. I work my ass off developing companies who need help

4. When it comes to relationships I have had The Angle,The Demon, and the one who was both extremes in one (oufff this one got me) and the hollow Girls next door.

5. I can hold a good conversation on just about any topic (not a know it all) but my head is full of the coffee table conversations.

6. There is a heaven,I found it in Jamaica

7. I have interest in Photography (love my 60D) … Art  (Modigliani rules) Science, Marine Biology, All music, Erotica, Health and Wellness of the mind….(and others that are Taboo and ya ain’t gonna find out unless face to face…lol)

Blogs I would give this Award to would be:

1. http://blameitondisney.wordpress.com/ (for her honesty)

2. http://gogetterkat.wordpress.com/ (for her free spirit)

3. http://ranujanu.wordpress.com/ (for learning how to deal with life)

4. http://johndatesguys.wordpress.com (for being strong enough to be openly Gay)

5. http://emdashwood.wordpress.com/ (hmmm…give me a minute)



I know it said 15 but i’m not one for rules…;-P





Dating Educate for Men

Once upon a time there was this thing called being a Gentlemen. These days with independent strong women, some men find themselves forgetting the simple things that Gentlemen did to show respect to there date. Women still love this even if they say they don’t. If your out on a date for the first time or even your 100th time be the man, be the Gentlemen.  Sure, there is your normal things you do like opening the door, complimenting on there looks and what you see on TV. But there are so many things you can do to show you are a Gentleman.

For instance:

  • Plan the date (all of it) but keep her interest at heart.
  • Call 10 min. before you arrive to pick her up
  • Bring her one flower (not everything in the store)
  • Waite for her to say “ok, I’m ready to go”
  • Tell her she looks wonderful but look in her eyes when you do this.
  • Always let the women lead never step in front of her.
  • Let her talk and feel comfortable

Try to think outside of the box on a date. Don’t act like a robot, women can see right through this. You will get an A for effort but the date will end sooner then you think. My point is don’t try so hard you look like a stumbling fool. Let the date flow but always think ahead to make her feel comfortable.


Growing together or Growing apart

This topic may have a lot to do with some of us out there.We should talk about  growing together first. When you first meet there is an energy between the two of you sparks fly and smiles abound. This time period binds you together like glue and you feel nothing can separate the two of you. This is good as long as you understand that life will try everything to pull it apart. It is your choice and yours alone to withstand the tests of life.  Relationships take work,some more then others. If you have good communication and the ability to compromise equally you have a very good chance of withstanding the tests of life.Growing together to form a stronger bond then when you first meet is the key. You have to remember your a team in life.

Now lets talk about growing apart. In each relationship there are many reasons why you grow apart. Communication breakdown,wants and desires not meet, the list is endless unfortunately for this. Think of growing apart like this, in the beginning   1+1=2 right? now think of it like 1+2=2…not right hu.. or 2+5=2 . Every time he or she does something that you don’t like or agree on the number goes up. Before you decide to end anything,see if you can bring it to there attention and if it is something they can work on. 1+1=2 always and  2+5=2 at the end will never add up to a good relationship.

Display of Affection Tip List

This is something I would like to talk to everyone about. Some of you out there may not understand the importance of this. What happens when you take a balloon and rub it on your head? The static energy makes your hair stand up and makes your head tingle right? The same can be said for human touch from your partner.

If you walk by her/him and just place your hand on there back it is a sign of affection that triggers there mind to feel comfort. To many time these small but powerful gestures get lost in the everyday life of a couple. Affection is one of the leading components in a good relationship. For some men it is hard for them to display affection and some women too. However affection comes in many forms.

Simple ones you can do every day:

1.  Call him/her for no reason

2. Rub her/his shoulders while talking

3. Compliments

4. buy her favorite cookies for no reason

5. when you talk stop and look at each other

These are just some of the primitive things you can do. I want you to test this and I’ll bet you will see a big difference in your man or women. Days of buying flowers to get out of the dog house are over. That form of affection only works when it is done from the heart not “oohh crap I got to do something”.You have to reconnect to that spark that started the fire.

Another good Night

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