Worship the Love of a Women

Hope all had a good weekend and have lots of story’s to tell. I have a only one story that is on my mind since Friday after I read it. One of the blogs I was reading from a wonderful person hit me like a ton of bricks. It was not so much the over all  idea but the way it was presented and written. I would make mention of who it is but want to show respect. As I read her blog I understood every detail as if I was watching her in my mind and could feel what she felt. As I re-read it multiple times I gathered the sense that some women are much deeper then men give them credit for. The reason I say worship the love of a women is because they are the mothers of life. They have a deeper sense of the word Love.

In days gone past women where worshiped for there unworldly abilities to provide guidance,love and understanding. Unfortunately the stronger women have become the more threatened man has become. This is not my theory it has been proven.

I read the inner beauty of a women on that Friday and it confirmed to me that there still are women out there who understand the deepness of the word love and what impact men have on there emotions. If you find a cold bitter manipulative women chances are it was a man who drove a knife into there soul.

I tip my hat to you..”R.J..”


Growing together or Growing apart

This topic may have a lot to do with some of us out there.We should talk about  growing together first. When you first meet there is an energy between the two of you sparks fly and smiles abound. This time period binds you together like glue and you feel nothing can separate the two of you. This is good as long as you understand that life will try everything to pull it apart. It is your choice and yours alone to withstand the tests of life.  Relationships take work,some more then others. If you have good communication and the ability to compromise equally you have a very good chance of withstanding the tests of life.Growing together to form a stronger bond then when you first meet is the key. You have to remember your a team in life.

Now lets talk about growing apart. In each relationship there are many reasons why you grow apart. Communication breakdown,wants and desires not meet, the list is endless unfortunately for this. Think of growing apart like this, in the beginning   1+1=2 right? now think of it like 1+2=2…not right hu.. or 2+5=2 . Every time he or she does something that you don’t like or agree on the number goes up. Before you decide to end anything,see if you can bring it to there attention and if it is something they can work on. 1+1=2 always and  2+5=2 at the end will never add up to a good relationship.

Serendipity’s Tip for the day

We got a tip in this morning I wanted to share with you from one of our members. Betty had been speaking to another member for about a month. The other member decided to ask to meet some place local to him. This rose a big question in Betty’s mind…”Why would he make me drive so far ?”. Betty decided to go along with it and planned on asking him when she arrived.When she arrived the two had dinner. Now keep in mind they really hit it off and connected well online. She slid the question in while they where having coffee. His answer set her back in her chair. His response was “I didn’t want to drive all the way out there and find out it didn’t work out”. This sent so many signals to Betty that she was speechless for obvious reasons. So men out there,do not and I will repeat do not put yourself first when dating or meeting a women.

So today’s lists of don’ts: For Men

1. Pick a place that is close to you for a date

2.  Automatically assume it may not work out

3. Waste the others persons time unless you are willing to commit to dating someone.

These simple things are being lost in our society. Dating in essence is natural . However, with the Internet it has opened a new bread of dater. With so many choices out there to see, we in general forget that these are real people with real lives. Serendipity Dating Cafe is not your average website. We are focusing on 30 and up. We do this because statistically people of this age have a better understanding of themselves. It’s not so much what you want in life at this age it is what you don’t want in your life. ..But this will be our next topic.