Serendipity’s Tip for Winter Blues

Get out of the Winter Grip.. Wake up and get out of the house this weekend. Winter has a way of bringing your spirit down. The lack of sun (S.A.D.) and the cold winter gripping your body like a hug from someone you don’t want. I avoid the cold as much as possible so sorry if this post is a little harsh to the Winter Fairy’s out there who seem to love it. A good tip that may change your mood and keep your mind in one piece is to join indoor activities with people.Here is a good list of things you could do. I face this every winter and it is amazing how it makes you feel when you do join something.

1. Join a gym with a pool

2. Go tanning to combat (S.A.D)

3. Go to the mall once a week

4. Go to a Cafe with internet

5. Find little places to eat each week and hang out

6. Indoor paint Ball or Lazer Tag

7. Join an Art class at night.

8. Go to a Library

9. Go to a pub with friends and make it a habit

10. Volunteer  your time

If your alone in winter it’s not much fun, so get out there. Just because it is cold doesn’t mean Old Man Winter has you locked up dragging you to the pits of hell.   Also think of it this way, if your going out to these things and see a man or women doing the same..hmm I bet you already have one thing in command so chat it up. You never know when a good relationship will come knocking on the door even if the dam thing has an inch of snow and icicles hanging from the freakn’ door knocker…lol yes, I am not fond of winter.


Winter Blues

OK, this morning we got a new tip in from Serendipity Dating Cafe as to what men should do for the for the first date. It is becoming increasingly popular to do something off the wall. Most men say..”would you like dinner” and of course women say yes to this. However, it is the easiest and also in a public place so you both feel secure. The best advice is to combine something you both enjoy and have the dinner wile doing this activity. Your approach  should be…”would you like to go to the art museum with me”. If she responds yes then you have an idea as to where to go to dinner. Depending on when you plan to go have it in your mind that you will need to find a good place to eat. You will find that the entire day or evening was not a date but two people enjoying the same thing and the comfort level will be perfect for both of you.