Dating more then one person??

Society is for ever changing,this is what we do. I have been reading some blogs

and speaking to a few people and there is a new (new to me) trend. Let me ask you something…what is up with dating more then one person at a time? I don’t quite fallow this. Since when was it OK to kiss another person while seeing someone else? Forget the physical  aspects of it think of the mental aspects. Dating is not and should not be construed as a competition. If you are someone who dates more then one man or woman at a time you may have lost a very good relationship because of this. Before physically dating someone show some respect and get to know them well before you meet. Your wasting there time and yours and mentally playing with there emotions for no other reason but for self gain. There is nothing against talking to someone on chat or email but when it becomes real take the decision and be responsible and let them know you are committed to dating one person and that you have chosen them. If it doesn’t work out then move on and take what you have learned with you.


Tip on one sided relationships

For those of you who can understand this your not alone. You may ask what is a “one sided relationship”. Well, I’ll tell you. In the beginning of a relationship the two of you are in a balance. One does for the other almost equally. As time goes on normally it keeps this balance. At times, it may go one way or another but over all it equals out. Say you and your partner take roles in the house or the relationship like cooking. Now for a long time each of you have had a set structure in responsibilities around the house. All of a sudden… you start to do more then you did before and your partner is doing less. Here is where the one sided demon comes out. Now not only are you doing the cooking but your also doing all the cleaning. It’s not wrong to give a hand or even help out more but, this can escalate   . The more you do the less your partner will do and throw your relationship into a spin. This can be your day to day tasks like cooking or can even be emotional or sexual interactions. When you start to see your partner asking for more then they are giving to the relationship a Red Flag should go up. Let me give you an example of this.

“Hun, I need you to come with me just for emotional support”

(A) “How can I, I don’t want to be around those people they are nothing in my life”

“I’m tired because I just worked 60 hours can we just watch a movie at home tonight”

(A) “No, I want to go out.I don’t get a chance to do anything”

Here are the signs:

1. They say ” I ” instead of “we”

2. They want you to provide all the affection in the bed room

3. They feel everything in there life comes first then yours

4. Everything becomes about them

5. When everything you do becomes “not enough”.

These are just a few, maybe you have more to add. My point is this, all relationships are not always equal. You and you alone know what you will and will not do. However if the relationship tilts so far one way you will start to loose your identity and become this other persons slave to them. I is very hard because you still love this person but your needs are not meet. I would recommend speaking to someone if you think change can happen or part ways the best you can. One Sided Relationships are not a relationship at all so be careful and watch for this.

Long Distance Relationships Check List

We thought today we would give our insight to having a long distance relationship.

To start it is becoming normal to speak or try to meet someone in another state or even another country. There is no harm in this,what better way then to think outside the box and expand your way of thinking. This was true for one couple I had spoken to. There are many pitfalls when it comes to long distance relationships and it take much more then you would think. However, it can be done but, you have to be committed to doing it 100%. If you meet someone from Texas and you live in New York and you seem to hit it off well. Do a check list with your self and the relationship before committing to anything more then pen pals.Ask yourself this:

. Will he/she move

. If I move what impact will this have on my family

. List ten things good and bad if you move (Job,location,…)

. List the Red Flags (really, put a red dot or flag on them)

. List ten things good or bad if the other person moves in (Job location,…)

. What time frame you are giving this relationship.

(love says wait forever. but reality says “you have to have a plan”)

These are just some of the top ones you should consider. It is important to understand that in a long distance relationship everything is multiplied by 10. Feelings and emotions run very high when your not together. Extra reassuring  is always needed with this relationship. If your willing to do what it takes for that person then all will be fine. Do not move to quickly,you have your own comfort zone and should not let your heart run your mind.

Serendipity Dating Cafe Happy New Year to All!!!

Well 2011 is now behind us. No Rocks fell from the sky or the earth did the Earth explode. In 2012 we will have big developments on Serendipity so watch for them. Look for our next tip to come. For now we wish you all the best in your search and hope you find happiness  this year.

Winter Blues

OK, this morning we got a new tip in from Serendipity Dating Cafe as to what men should do for the for the first date. It is becoming increasingly popular to do something off the wall. Most men say..”would you like dinner” and of course women say yes to this. However, it is the easiest and also in a public place so you both feel secure. The best advice is to combine something you both enjoy and have the dinner wile doing this activity. Your approach  should be…”would you like to go to the art museum with me”. If she responds yes then you have an idea as to where to go to dinner. Depending on when you plan to go have it in your mind that you will need to find a good place to eat. You will find that the entire day or evening was not a date but two people enjoying the same thing and the comfort level will be perfect for both of you.

Serendipity Dating Cafe and Alexa

By becoming part of a global trend Serendipity Dating Cafe is please to be a part of Google +, Facebook, Twitter and Alexa. With new cutting edge design and allowing our clients to have the freedom in a dating/social setting we are growing fast. Look for our second site Dating Bug Cafe. com in spring . This will feature 18-30 year old and give then a place where they can communicate at there level and not get mixed up in all the profiles out there that just can’t be good matches.

Dating Tip for women and men

Maybe you have herd this one maybe not,

Try to be yourself 100% because if the relationship takes off…all the little things you hide will pop up and bit you. So be honest with yourself first and show the person who you are.It is the only way to be matched perfectly.No computer can tell you all those little things in a match search. It is not science but rather instinct within yourself. It takes time,but one of the best ways to find someone is to put yourself out there where people are looking for the same. Let it happen and it will…but be honest with yourself first with who you are.

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