Profile Description’s…Your what??

Your looking for what?? I think it is safe to say we all have read some doozys out there. From the guy who thinks a women is going to magically appear and then disappear when ever he wants or the women who wants the guy riding the white horse on a crusade to find love…..hmmm. Society teaches us to look for these things. Finding your perfect match really isn’t that hard, finding love is another story. In your essay be real and be honest with yourself. There is a difference in a dream and the reality. Most successful relationships online come from two people who did not hide anything in there profile. Another way of looking at it is list things you don’t want mixed in with what you do want. The reason I say this is we all want and when we get it we want more. You want a guy/girl to love you ,be mature,have a job and bla bla bla…this is kind of a no brainr’ don’t you think?

When doing a profile try to add things:

1. You will not sacrifice for anyone.

2. You would like to accomplish in your life

3. That you plan to do in the next 6 months

4. That you feel are romantic to you

5. That you feel are fun to you (reality not the dream)

The internet is fast almost like Speed Dating on Speed. If you combine more of what you don’t want your more likely to attract someone who is honest and willing to prove to you that hey are someone who agrees with you. In that split second someone reads “I will not move out of my town”…they say to themselves “Well, I’m not going to move to her/him”…case closed!  Some miss this simple things and try and try and go round and round to only end up with a lot of hurt and time wasted.


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