Dating Educate for Men

Once upon a time there was this thing called being a Gentlemen. These days with independent strong women, some men find themselves forgetting the simple things that Gentlemen did to show respect to there date. Women still love this even if they say they don’t. If your out on a date for the first time or even your 100th time be the man, be the Gentlemen.  Sure, there is your normal things you do like opening the door, complimenting on there looks and what you see on TV. But there are so many things you can do to show you are a Gentleman.

For instance:

  • Plan the date (all of it) but keep her interest at heart.
  • Call 10 min. before you arrive to pick her up
  • Bring her one flower (not everything in the store)
  • Waite for her to say “ok, I’m ready to go”
  • Tell her she looks wonderful but look in her eyes when you do this.
  • Always let the women lead never step in front of her.
  • Let her talk and feel comfortable

Try to think outside of the box on a date. Don’t act like a robot, women can see right through this. You will get an A for effort but the date will end sooner then you think. My point is don’t try so hard you look like a stumbling fool. Let the date flow but always think ahead to make her feel comfortable.



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