Intimacy in your Relationship

Lets face it,men want volume and women want quality. The never ending bedroom brawl as I call it. There are about a million things you can do in a relationship to balance this out for both of you. Just like everything else in a relationship it takes time to learn what each expects. I think Sigmund Freud said  that everything revolves around sex. To a point he is correct. To begin with sex starts in the mind. The playful conversation or that romantic dinner,whatever has sparked the mood is the beginning of mental foreplay. One Technic I have learned is that the more you have mental foreplay the more healthy the sex. Most guys are bing bang boom! where as the women is more aroused with the mental foreplay and likes to build her emotions to boiling points. Touching a women’s neck or playing with her hair in combination with the romantic dinner will stimulate quality sex,not your bing bang boom.

You have to remember:

1. Lust fades

2. Fire’s lose flames

3. Energy fades

4. Time passes

All these things happen every day. It is up to you to keep the fire burning,the attraction flowing, and the want and desire to please your partner. There are many parts to a relationship and the bedroom is one of the most important tools you can use to keep you in a happy and healthy relationship. Learn how to use it with your partner.


4 responses to “Intimacy in your Relationship

    • In what way would you like me to back them up? My blogs may be general in nature and apply to some and may not apply to others. I do not claim to be a doctor or anything of that nature and I state that in my profile. But I can tell you this with all honesty I have personally gone through many of the subjects I write about. I do not get into specifics because quite frankly I am a private person who has a lot of advice (good or bad) to share. If you have a recommendation on how to better present a post please feel free to speak up. But as far as “Backing it up”…if a person reads it and can relate to the post I guess it was ” backed up”.

    • Sir? did you not understand ” apply to some and may not apply to others.” Sir, with all do respect what one person considers quality may be another’s junk. It is a mater of opinion, a perception and can only be confirmed by the person viewing it. I did not tell you anything,you chose to read the blog and single yourself out and make it known that your not one of those men. I can commend you for this…tell me if you could be so open,what do you feel is quality in your opinion? I am interested in knowing what you feel is quality because what is quality to you may not be to some.

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