Tip on one sided relationships

For those of you who can understand this your not alone. You may ask what is a “one sided relationship”. Well, I’ll tell you. In the beginning of a relationship the two of you are in a balance. One does for the other almost equally. As time goes on normally it keeps this balance. At times, it may go one way or another but over all it equals out. Say you and your partner take roles in the house or the relationship like cooking. Now for a long time each of you have had a set structure in responsibilities around the house. All of a sudden… you start to do more then you did before and your partner is doing less. Here is where the one sided demon comes out. Now not only are you doing the cooking but your also doing all the cleaning. It’s not wrong to give a hand or even help out more but, this can escalate   . The more you do the less your partner will do and throw your relationship into a spin. This can be your day to day tasks like cooking or can even be emotional or sexual interactions. When you start to see your partner asking for more then they are giving to the relationship a Red Flag should go up. Let me give you an example of this.

“Hun, I need you to come with me just for emotional support”

(A) “How can I, I don’t want to be around those people they are nothing in my life”

“I’m tired because I just worked 60 hours can we just watch a movie at home tonight”

(A) “No, I want to go out.I don’t get a chance to do anything”

Here are the signs:

1. They say ” I ” instead of “we”

2. They want you to provide all the affection in the bed room

3. They feel everything in there life comes first then yours

4. Everything becomes about them

5. When everything you do becomes “not enough”.

These are just a few, maybe you have more to add. My point is this, all relationships are not always equal. You and you alone know what you will and will not do. However if the relationship tilts so far one way you will start to loose your identity and become this other persons slave to them. I is very hard because you still love this person but your needs are not meet. I would recommend speaking to someone if you think change can happen or part ways the best you can. One Sided Relationships are not a relationship at all so be careful and watch for this.


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