Growing together or Growing apart

This topic may have a lot to do with some of us out there.We should talk about  growing together first. When you first meet there is an energy between the two of you sparks fly and smiles abound. This time period binds you together like glue and you feel nothing can separate the two of you. This is good as long as you understand that life will try everything to pull it apart. It is your choice and yours alone to withstand the tests of life.  Relationships take work,some more then others. If you have good communication and the ability to compromise equally you have a very good chance of withstanding the tests of life.Growing together to form a stronger bond then when you first meet is the key. You have to remember your a team in life.

Now lets talk about growing apart. In each relationship there are many reasons why you grow apart. Communication breakdown,wants and desires not meet, the list is endless unfortunately for this. Think of growing apart like this, in the beginning   1+1=2 right? now think of it like 1+2=2…not right hu.. or 2+5=2 . Every time he or she does something that you don’t like or agree on the number goes up. Before you decide to end anything,see if you can bring it to there attention and if it is something they can work on. 1+1=2 always and  2+5=2 at the end will never add up to a good relationship.


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