Long Distance Relationships Check List

We thought today we would give our insight to having a long distance relationship.

To start it is becoming normal to speak or try to meet someone in another state or even another country. There is no harm in this,what better way then to think outside the box and expand your way of thinking. This was true for one couple I had spoken to. There are many pitfalls when it comes to long distance relationships and it take much more then you would think. However, it can be done but, you have to be committed to doing it 100%. If you meet someone from Texas and you live in New York and you seem to hit it off well. Do a check list with your self and the relationship before committing to anything more then pen pals.Ask yourself this:

. Will he/she move

. If I move what impact will this have on my family

. List ten things good and bad if you move (Job,location,…)

. List the Red Flags (really, put a red dot or flag on them)

. List ten things good or bad if the other person moves in (Job location,…)

. What time frame you are giving this relationship.

(love says wait forever. but reality says “you have to have a plan”)

These are just some of the top ones you should consider. It is important to understand that in a long distance relationship everything is multiplied by 10. Feelings and emotions run very high when your not together. Extra reassuring  is always needed with this relationship. If your willing to do what it takes for that person then all will be fine. Do not move to quickly,you have your own comfort zone and should not let your heart run your mind.


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