Winter Blues

OK, this morning we got a new tip in from Serendipity Dating Cafe as to what men should do for the for the first date. It is becoming increasingly popular to do something off the wall. Most men say..”would you like dinner” and of course women say yes to this. However, it is the easiest and also in a public place so you both feel secure. The best advice is to combine something you both enjoy and have the dinner wile doing this activity. Your approach  should be…”would you like to go to the art museum with me”. If she responds yes then you have an idea as to where to go to dinner. Depending on when you plan to go have it in your mind that you will need to find a good place to eat. You will find that the entire day or evening was not a date but two people enjoying the same thing and the comfort level will be perfect for both of you.


Serendipity Dating Cafe and Alexa

By becoming part of a global trend Serendipity Dating Cafe is please to be a part of Google +, Facebook, Twitter and Alexa. With new cutting edge design and allowing our clients to have the freedom in a dating/social setting we are growing fast. Look for our second site Dating Bug Cafe. com in spring . This will feature 18-30 year old and give then a place where they can communicate at there level and not get mixed up in all the profiles out there that just can’t be good matches.

Dating Tip for women and men

Maybe you have herd this one maybe not,

Try to be yourself 100% because if the relationship takes off…all the little things you hide will pop up and bit you. So be honest with yourself first and show the person who you are.It is the only way to be matched perfectly.No computer can tell you all those little things in a match search. It is not science but rather instinct within yourself. It takes time,but one of the best ways to find someone is to put yourself out there where people are looking for the same. Let it happen and it will…but be honest with yourself first with who you are.

Visit Serendipity and surround yourself with people just like you. Remember, Women who register get a 1 month membership.

Another good Night

Thank you for all the support on Twitter and Facebook. We are climbing to the top!! We had over 200 members join in just a single night,come and meet them at Serendipity Cafe’. Remember women who sing up will get a membership for 1 month to prove we are fast becoming #1 with online social and dating sites.

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Getting Cold? Come join the warmth…

Welcome to Serendipity’s new blog space on the net. We have searched and searched for an upstanding well done dating website and not one of them could match the dating or social needs that people demand today.

Some of our featured members are asked if they would like to be posted on our blog in the hopes that someone special would come and visit them. We will be working hard to bring you our Fetured members to our blog in hopes you to will see the difference we are making in peoples lives.